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                  PRICING - 2024

             Factory 1st Run Pavers/D.I.Y.

                   "Standard shapes & colors"

 (Pricing shown excludes sales tax & shipping costs') 

Thin Pavers -   Gray Base Colors -   From $2.94 s.f.

Thick Pavers - Gray Base Colors - From $2.94 s.f.

Thin Pavers -  White Base Colors -   From $3.24 s.f.

Thick Pavers - White Base Colors - From $3.24 s.f.

Pool Coping - Classic Remodel - From $2.85 per piece  (Blend Colors may be higher)

Bullnose Coping - 2 3/8" Thick - From $2.85 per piece



TAMPA BAY AREA                       

 Standard Shapes May Vary Depending On Manufacturer -
 Pictures shown above are provided for sample purposes only  
For More Information on Available Styles and Shapes Click Here
You can also use the arrows to flip the the picture galleries on this page for additional ideas -

                        PRICING- 2023  

                   Factory 2nds/DIY

      Large Variety of shapes & colors to choose from

                          "Subject to Availability"

Thin Pavers -    Gray or White Base Colors - 

                           From $1.25 s.f.

Thick Pavers -  Gray or White Base Colors -

                           From $175.00 - $275.00 per pallet

                                FACTORY SECONDS   

          We stock Factory Seconds at our storage yard 

   In Tampa next to Tampa Intn'l Airport - for address        and inventory information , please call:  

                        97-VANGUARD  (978-264-8273)        

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